Beauty Pageants

Miss Michigan USA 2021 results: Taylor Hale crowned in Port Hugon

  • beauty pageant: Miss Michigan USA
  • edition: 70th
  • date: August 7, 2021
  • venue: McMorran Entertainment Center, Port Huron, Michigan, United States
  • number of candidates: 52



  • Miss Michigan USA 2021: Taylor Mackenzie Dickens Hale (Spirit of Detroit)
  • 1st runner-up: Olivia Santelli (White Pigeon)
  • 2nd runner-up: Tamika Vantifflin (Pure Michigan)
  • 3rd runner-up: Alexis Fagan (Motown)
  • 4th runner-up: Kayla Anderson (Highland)



  1. Tamika Vantifflin (Pure Michigan)
  2. Kayla Anderson (Highland)
  3. Olivia Santelli (White Pigeon)
  4. Alexis Fagan (Motown)
  5. Taylor Mackenzie Dickens Hale (Spirit of Detroit)


TOP 16

  1. Kayla Anderson (Highland)
  2. Emma Kull (Ann Arbor)
  3. Mariah Payne (Great Lakes)
  4. Stephanie Gulla (Shelby Township)
  5. Amanda Pittman (Kent County)
  6. Olivia Santelli (White Pigeon)
  7. Shelby Saint Souver (Saginaw)
  8. Siham Hassan (Lansing)
  9. Christina Loukopoulos (Grand Blanc)
  10. Alexis Fagan (Motown)
  11. Maddie Wein (Bloomfield Hills)
  12. Taylor Hale (Spirit of Detroit)
  13. Victoria Williams (Farmington Hills)
  14. Alexandria Kelly (Southeast Michigan)
  15. Tamika Vantifflin (Pure Michigan)
  16. Aria Hutchinson (Plymouth)



  1. Emma Kull (Ann Arbor)
  2. Maddie Wein (Bloomfield Hills)
  3. Shelby Sacco (Blue Lakes)
  4. Leslie Bradley (Cascades)
  5. Brogan Westra (Dearborn)
  6. Sidnei Austin (Detroit)
  7. Makayla Steen (Detroit City)
  8. DaKayla Clark (D-Town)
  9. Leticia Ferreira (East Detroit)
  10. Victoria Williams (Farmington Hills)
  11. Christina Loukopoulos (Grand Blanc)
  12. Mariah Payne (Great Lakes)
  13. Ariyana Jordan (Greater Detroit)
  14. Kizzmett Littleton (Heart of Detroit)
  15. Kayla Anderson (Highland)
  16. Paige Weston (Hudsonville)
  17. Shannon Watts (Jackson County)
  18. Amanda Pittman (Kent County)
  19. Ranessa Cooley (Lake City)
  20. Kristin Penrose (Lake Orion)
  21. Siham Hassan (Lansing)
  22. Merna Mosa (Macomb Township)
  23. Marcayla Armstrong (Metro Detroit)
  24. Arianna Quan (Midtown)
  25. Elizabeth James (Motor City)
  26. Alexis Fagan (Motown)
  27. Alexis Birchmeier (New Lothrop)
  28. Tahalas Taylor (Northwest Detroit)
  29. Samantha Bass (Oak Park)
  30. Kyla Wright (Oakland County)
  31. Julia Ross (Orion Township)
  32. Lindsey Jarrell (Oscoda)
  33. Aria Hutchinson (Plymouth)
  34. Tamika Vantifflin (Pure Michigan)
  35. Brooke Timlin (Redford)
  36. Qwinterria Davis (Rochester)
  37. Shivani Sharma (Royal Oak)
  38. Shelby Saint Souver (Saginaw)
  39. India Clay (Shelby Charter Township)
  40. Stephanie Gulla (Shelby Township)
  41. Kathryn Wertheimer (South Haven)
  42. Alexandria Kelly (Southeast Michigan)
  43. Aurora Nash (Southfield)
  44. Taylor Mackenzie Dickens Hale (Spirit of Detroit)
  45. Bailey Staff (Traverse City)
  46. Kelsey Clark (Upper Peninsulva)
  47. Ashley Rapp (Washington)
  48. Malia Lopez (Waterford)
  49. Morgan Williamson (West Bloomfield)
  50. Olivia Santelli (White Pigeon)
  51. Dejanae Mckinnie (Wixom)
  52. Marie-Noel Karsten (Wyoming)

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