Beauty Pageants

Miss Minnesota USA 2021 results: Katerina Spasojevic crowned in Burnsville

  • beauty pageant: Miss Minnesota USA
  • edition: 65th
  • date: August 1, 2021
  • venue: Ames Center, Burnsville, Minnesota, United States
  • number of candidates: 29



  • Miss New Jersey USA 2021: Katarina Spasojevic (Minnetonka)



  1. Kala Schmidt (Scott County)
  2. Darby Davis (Minneapolis)
  3. Muna Ali (Roseville)
  4. Katarina Spasojevic (Minnetonka)
  5. Nicole Perlstein (Hennepin County)


TOP 16

  1. Yashmin Nagujja (St. Joseph)
  2. Cara Rgnonti (St. Paul)
  3. Lorali Diaz (Paynesville)
  4. Kim Mirander (Champlin)
  5. Nicole Perlstein (Hennepin County)
  6. Annabelle Lohrenz (Excelsior)
  7. Darby Davis (Minneapolis)
  8. Hajamaya Mulbah (Uptown)
  9. Muna Ali (Roseville)
  10. Mallory Alinder (Ham Lake)
  11. Katarina Spasojevic (Minnetonka)
  12. Ahmitara Alwal (Southern Minnesota)
  13. Kala Schmidt (Scott County)
  14. Elle Gilbert (Lake of the Isles)
  15. Lauren Cannon (Moorhead)
  16. Mikayla Holmgren (Marine on St. Croix)



  1. Hannah True (Baxter)
  2. Sady Ly (Bloomington)
  3. Shamari Coley (Brooklyn Park)
  4. Kim Mirander (Champlin)
  5. Shante Elsner (Clay County)
  6. Laura Bakken (Cloquet)
  7. Shadiyo Hussain (Dakota County)
  8. Ela Hansen (Eden Prairie)
  9. Hannah Ahmadi (Edina)
  10. Annabelle Lohrenz (Excelsior)
  11. Celeste Musick (Golden Valley)
  12. Mallory Alinder (Ham Lake)
  13. Nicole Perlstein (Hennepin County)
  14. Asia Baker (Isanti)
  15. Elle Gilbert (Lake of the Isles)
  16. Mikayla Holmgren (Marine on St. Croix)
  17. Darby Davis (Minneapolis)
  18. Katarina Spasojevic (Minnetonka)
  19. Lauren Cannon (Moorhead)
  20. Lorali Diaz (Paynesville)
  21. Ellie Zimmerman (Ramsey County)
  22. Muna Ali (Roseville)
  23. Kala Schmidt (Scott County)
  24. Tiffany Curtis (Sherburne County)
  25. Ahmitara Alwal (Southern Minnesota)
  26. Yashmin Nagujja (St. Joseph)
  27. Cara Rgnonti (St. Paul)
  28. Nasra Daud (St. Peter)
  29. Hajamaya Mulbah (Uptown)

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