Interview with Jin Young Ko after KLPGA HFG Championship 2020’s 1st round in Incheon, South Korea

Jin Young Ko

Jin Young Ko

The first round of the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Hana Financial Group (HFG) Championship 2020 took place at the Sky72 Ocean Course on Yeongjong Island in Incheon, South Korea on November 5, 2020. World number 1 Jin Young Ko and defending champion Ha Na Jang are currently tied in the lead.

The tournament is broadcast live in 17 countries across Asia Pacific region including Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, India and Malaysia. Here is an interview with Ko after the first round:

How was the first round of the tournament for you? 

I played really well for the first half today so I actually thought to myself, “There might be something about today.” However, I couldn’t keep the good pace after the first  half when I took some time to rest. My accuracy dropped as I went into the second half. Luckily, I managed to get my game up and I was happy to finish the last hole with a birdie. 

What went well for you and what do you think could be improved on? 

I have played golf for a long time but I recently realized that it’s not possible to correct my  golf swing to make it perfect. My muscles are already adjusted to the way I’ve been playing golf  for so many years that are hard to change, hence it’s very difficult to adjust my swing. I’ve felt  this limitation and questioned myself, “Would correcting my swing be an answer?” 

At the same time, I am lucky to have a good coach and we have gotten some good results from  the techniques he had coached me on, but I can’t say there’s been any dramatic changes. I  think it’s very difficult to change the swing on a regular basis like Tiger Woods once every 2-3  years, but small changes are possible. I’ve been focusing on wedge practices within 100 meters since last week. 

How did your wedge shots go today and anything you don’t feel good about it? 

I’m actually satisfied with my wedge shots today. I think the putts could’ve been better today but I do think it will get better as the tournament continues. 

What score would you give to yourself for your shot technique out of 100 currently?

I think it’s around 85, 90 right now. However, I have never been in 100 percent condition even in  tournaments that I won before. I think I would still get good results for the remaining rounds if I  keep my current form. 

Do you have any preparation for the U.S. Open? 

I didn’t really do something special for the major tournament, and I didn’t eat anything  special. I’m playing golf just like any other tournament with the same clubs but I do think my  performance would vary according to how much I focus on the shots on the course.  

Of course, it is the tournament that many players specially prepare for, and there is a lot of anticipation from the players that they would win the tournament. I will try my best on adapt to jet lag. 

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