Interview with Ha Na Jang after KLPGA HFG Championship 2020’s 1st round in Incheon, South Korea

Ha Na Jang

Ha Na Jang

The first round of the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Hana Financial Group (HFG) Championship 2020 took place at the Sky72 Ocean Course on Yeongjong Island in Incheon, South Korea on November 5, 2020. World number 1 Jin Young Ko and defending champion Ha Na Jang are currently tied in the lead.

The tournament is broadcast live in 17 countries across Asia Pacific region including Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, India and Malaysia. Here is an interview with Jang after the first round:

How was the first round of the tournament for you? 

I think today was pretty easy for me. At the same time, I was a little  embarrassed by the bogey that I made in the first half of the game. I had some difficulties in  stamina, but I was able to enjoy the game with the support of my caddie. I have high hopes for  the remaining three rounds and I will try to keep the same performance as today for the  remaining rounds. 

What do you think about your title as the Autumn Queen since your win on the first day of  November? 

I had faith in my shots and try not to think of making missed shots. I think this led me to  have a pretty easy round today. I will work harder for the remaining season in order to add one  more win this season. 

What do you think about the good record of par-5s? 

I have around five years of experience in this course, and there was not much wind so ball  control was easier. It’s usually not possible for me to try to do two-on for a par-5, but I have  good record today since I was confident with the left distance. 

What are your biggest concerns about this course? 

The first would be the weather. For all the players on this course, the wind is the biggest  homework and burden. At the same time, I heard there might be some rain for the remaining rounds so I will need to be more careful about my play. The second concern would be the long  distance of the course and the rough. The records would vary depends on the fairways in  regulation. 

How is playing with Hyo-Joo Kim and Jin-Young Ko?

HNJ: Personally, I don’t feel any pressure in playing with them. We play golf in the same conditions and each player has her own style of playing. Also, I was on tour with the two players since I was younger so I focused only on my play.

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