Scott Farrell explains how UFC inspires Ringstar Boxing

Boxing has been in Scott Patrick Farrell’s heart since he was a little kid in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, England. Fate eventually brought him to Asia where he established Ringstar Boxing, a boxing promotion headquartered in Singapore

As a leader in the sports industry, Farrell looks up to the American mixed martial arts promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship. He wants Ringstar Boxing to do in boxing what the UFC did in MMA.

“You gotta have 100 percent belief in yourself and your vision,” Farrell stated. “The reason so many fail is they are not committed. They only see what’s in front of them at that moment in time.”

“From the very beginning, I have visualized my promotion to be valued in the billions even before I knew what I would name it,” Farrell added. “I have never doubted my ability as a man to bring the great sport of boxing to every home in Asia. I will bring the great fights people want to see, good 50-50 matchmaking where the fights are important and the titles mean something again.”

MMA has seemed to get bigger and bigger with countless promotions springing up all over the world. Farrell was not blind to this trend but outside of one particular MMA promotion, he has never been much of a believer that the trend will outlast a historic sport such as boxing.

“(The) UFC (has) amazing branding and some even greater fights and just very smart people that saw a real opportunity and maximized it,” Farrell said. “Any other MMA promotion is a very poor second place in my opinion.”

In MMA, there are two promotions that come to mind when it comes to the top list of the best after the UFC. These are ONE Championship and Bellator MMA.

“There are so many strengths in boxing,” Farrell said. “I ask you, how many heroes of MMA have the same appeal as (Muhammad) Ali, (George) Foreman or (Joe) Frazier? In fact, are they even called heroes or worthy of that label?”

At this point, Farrell has five successful promotions already under his belt. He knows his journey to boxing greatness in Asia and the world is just beginning but he likes what he has seen so far.

The Ringstar Boxing CEO admitted that he has lost everything more than once in his life and while he is not perfect, he tries to improve on who he is every day. He said, “The only thing in my whole life that has never left me, or have I lost, is my love for boxing and its love for me in return.”

“We are already a global broadcast and I haven’t even really started yet,” Farrell declared. “Just watch out in 2019 as this is where I will make my mark.”

Visit www.fightsports.tv for more information. Follow Ringstar on Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram at @ringstarboxing. 

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