Ringstar Boxing CEO Scott Farrell shares childhood memories in Nottinghamshire, bullying experience

For Ringstar Boxing founder and CEO Scott Patrick Farrell, the tough life of his youth informs and infuses everything he is about today. In the 1970s, he was a young boy on the grey and grim streets of Hucknall, a small mining town in the county of Nottinghamshire, England.

“You had three choices in my neighborhood,” Farrell recalled. “Glue sniffing, being bullied or fighting. I was bullied quite bad as a kid.”

“I had ginger hair, freckles and was from an Irish family background,” the Ringstar Boxing founder added. “The 1970s were quite tough growing up, especially on the council estates where you regularly had to fight just to get home from school. I chose after being beaten on most occasions to learn how to fight.”

Like many boxing fans, Farrell learned to love the sweet science by watching fights at the side of his father. He shared, “My first memory of boxing is watching with my dad one Saturday afternoon on a black and white TV.”

“All you could see was the two pugilists in the ring surrounded by a cigarette smoking audience and some awful commentary,” Farrell continued. “However, I was hooked and just needed to know more. My dad loved boxing and was quite a tough guy himself, all the big fights that we could see we would watch together or if there was a local fight happening around Nottingham we would go along and support.”

Farrell would eventually end up a half a world away in Singapore and China. He started a family, got into business, and had plenty of ups and an equal amount of downs.

But the pugilism itch never left the man who learned to love boxing at an early age. He thought Asia was home to many great fighters but nobody has tried to tie them all together into one promotion.

The Hucknall native did not want to start just any promotion based solely around hype. For him, the fights had to be really good with quality fighters engaged in strong matchups and great story lines so in October 2016, Ringstar Boxing was born.

As one of the number one boxing sports media property in Asia, Ringstar Boxing has now reached an overwhelming broadcast footprint of over a potential billion viewers across the globe. Among its broadcast partners are FIGHT SPORTS, ESPN TV5 Philippines, MediaCorp Okto, Astro Malaysia and FTA channel for delayed broadcast.

Visit www.fightsports.tv for more information. Follow Ringstar on Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram at @ringstarboxing. 

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