James Reid: Destiny Rogers’ vocals brought ‘Lie to Me’ to a whole other level

Featuring Destiny Rogers, 23, “Lie to Me” is the seventh track on “Lovescene”, the second studio album of James Reid, 29. On October 13, 2022, his label Careless Music released the album on all major streaming platforms.

“Lovescene” showcases how Reid gets close and personal as he explores the life and death cycle of romance through honest songwriting. The album has 10 songs namely “Cali Lovin”, “U & I”, “Fallin”, “Chasin”, “Always Been You”, “Hold on Tight”, “Lie to Me”, “Stay”, “Spotlight” and “Bring Me Back”.

Nikki de Moura, James Reid
Nikki de Moura, James Reid

“Lie to Me” is a slow R&B song that expresses the hurting acceptance of how two individuals feel for the same person. The lyrics give the perspectives of two persons, a man and a woman.

Reid sings that of the first person, who expresses his fear of a growing distance between him and her even if she lies to him. He knows it is going to end and wants it to be as painless as possible.

Rogers sings that of the second person, who is aware that she is being used as source of consolation and she knows that it will be painful. She accepts it anyway as she would rather have the relationship be comforted with a cloud of lies to drown out the guilt.


In September 2022, the “Lie to Me” music video was filmed in Manila, Philippines. It stars Miss Teen Philippines 2019 and “Supermodel Me” Season 6 first runner-up Nikki de Moura, 18, opposite Reid and Rogers.

Henand Kimi Felices were the respective creative director and art director of the music video. Watch it here:

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