Beauty Pageants

Mister World Singapore 2022 results: Joshua Hee, Tavis Lee, Joel Chua crowned in One Farrer Hotel

  • beauty pageant: Mister World Singapore (junior category)
  • organizer: Beam Artistes
  • date: September 8, 2022
  • venue: Grand Ballroom, One Farrer Hotel, Singapore
  • international memberships: Mister World, Man of the World, Mister Grand International
  • judges: Nicole Chen, Mayiduo, Eric Lim
  • candidates: 15




Mister World Singapore 2022

Joshua Hee

Man of the World Singapore 2022

Tavis Lee

Mister Grand Singapore 2022

Joel Chua

1st runner-up

Aidid Haidil
Top 15
Andi Ahma
Ansel Feng
Ashger Ali
Charles Lim
Charles Nicolas
Dexter Sim
Eason Tan
Harry Tanujaya
Justin Chua Xian An
Kelvin Eng
Stanley Ho

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