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Miss Earth Australia 2022 results: New South Wales’ Sheridan Mortlock crowned in Sydney

  • beauty pageant: Miss Earth Australia
  • edition: 22nd
  • date: September 4, 2022
  • venue: Hyatt Regency Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • hosts: Tom Gay, Nina Robertson
  • performers: Rommel Reyes Olson, Jane Standish, Philippine Dance Ensemble, Deuc3s, Adlips, Darius Vevo
  • candidates: 18



Miss Earth Australia 2022Sheridan Mortlock
New South Wales
Miss Earth Air Australia 2022Naomie White
New South Wales
Miss Earth Water Australia 2022Riley Aston
Miss Earth Fire Australia 2022Robyn Russel
Australia Capital Territory
Miss Earth Charity Australia 2022Himaya Wijeyaweera
Top 17
Ariel Beninca (Queensland)
Fulla Sami (New South Wales)
Haley Cobb (Queensland)
Jaisy Molina (New South Wales)
Jessika Bassan (New South Wales)
Judith Sanougah (Victoria)
Kajol Chand (New South Wales)
Kelsy Prest (New South Wales)
Mariah Whyte (Victoria)
Simonne Meiers (New South Wales)
Sofiia Starchevska (New South Wales)
Zena Skuthorpe Dowel (New South Wales)

Top 18

Despina Karpathiou (New South Wales) *withdrew

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