Beauty Pageants

Miss Universe Jamaica 2022 results: St. Thomas’s Toshami Calvin crowned in Kingston

  • beauty pageant: Miss Universe Jamaica
  • edition: 10th
  • national director: Mark McDermoth
  • date: September 3, 2022
  • venue: Grand Ballroom, AC Hotel by Marriott Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica
  • performers: Sevana, Gem Myers
  • candidates: 20



Miss Universe Jamaica 2022
Toshami Calvin
St. Thomas
1st runner-up
Rachel Silvera 
St. Andrew
2nd runner-up
Shanique Singh 
St. Catherine
Top 5
Aiysha Hemmings (St. Catherine)
Jillian Taylor (Kingston)
Top 10
Catherine Harris (Clarendon)
Celine Walters (Kingston)
Kasey Graham (Kingston)
Tasheka Rowe (West Moreland)
Thalia Malcolm (St. Andrew)
Top 20
Alecia Spence (West Moreland)
Brittny Hutchinson (St. Andrew)
Marisa Dixon (Portland)
Pershenia McGann (St. James)
Shantana Pitterman (Clarendon)
Shante Jarrett (St. James)
Titania Mycko (St. Catherine)
Zara Holmes (St. Andrew)
Zasha-Kae Dennis (St. Catherine)
Zoe Smith (Kingston)

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