Beauty Pageants

Miss Universe Switzerland 2022 results: Valais’s Alia Giundi crowned in Yverdon-les-Bains

  • beauty pageant: Miss Universe Switzerland
  • national director: Bernard Poffet
  • edition: 3rd
  • date: September 2, 2022
  • venue: La Marive, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
  • performers: Willy Hobal, Seeler Subero, Jazz Dance Corgemont
  • judges: Robin de Haas, Sofia del Prado, Rey Rodriguez, Lauri Simpson, Roberto Ucelay, Camila Pinzon, Alain Schneider
  • candidates: 13



Miss Universe Switzerland 2022
Alia Guindi
Canton du Valais
1st runner-up
Nicole Zimmermann
Canton de Fribourg
2nd runner-up
Tiphaine Sagne
Canton de Neuchâtel

3rd runner-up

Zolanny Encarnacion
Canton de Basel
4th runner-up
Sashi Chiesa
Canton de Basel
Top 13
Aurore Keim (Canton de Vaud)
Brenda Huguet (Canton de Genève)
Elisa Esteve (Canton du Valais)
Jessica Chassot (Canton de Vaud)
Marie Terreaux (Canton de Vaud)
Melanie Haldemann (Canton de Fribourg)
Pamela Tropea (Canton du Valais)
Shadya Chagna (Canton de Genève)

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