Beauty Pageants

Miss Grand Laos 2022 results: Phoutsavanh Vongkhamxao crowned in Vientiane

  • beauty pageant: Miss Grand Laos
  • edition: 4th
  • date: August 27, 2022
  • venue: National Convention Centre, Vientiane, Laos
  • international membership: Miss Grand International
  • candidates: 20



Miss Grand Laos 2022
Phoutsavanh Vongkhamxao

1st runner-up

Soukanya Soulivong

2nd runner-up

Chitta Thipphonephosy

3rd runner-up

Kittima Khanthapengxai

4th runner-up

Chindavan Saenthavy
Top 20
Alisa Khounkham
Jintana Thidapone
Khamphoy Keopaserth
Koudkeo Latthasombat
Louise Chanthalangsy
Mili Yangjongtua
Moukdavanh Mane
Nalinthone Fongsy
Namthip Paphan
Phitsamai Phonesanith
Phonephilom Hansakda
Sounisa Xayyasane
Thanaphone Kittiyavong
Thipphavanh Xayyasarn
Thittavanh Xaiyavong

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