Ace Banzuelo’s ‘Muli’ music video features Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin


Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin reunite onscreen for the music video of Ace Banzuelo’s chart-topping electronic ballad “Muli.” The visual narrative captures the disintegration of what used to be a promising relationship with two people struggling to process their pain.

Going the abstract route, the music video depicts an imagery of a home on the verge of breaking apart including burning couches, dying lights and a smashed piano. Banzuelo himself makes a significant appearance as the inner emotions of Fedelin.

Seth Fedelin, Francine Diaz
Seth Fedelin, Francine Diaz

Jake Soriano directed the music video. He said, “Everything was heavy on symbolism but still reflects the intensity of the song.”

Soriano has worked with both Diaz and Fedelin in the past. But according to the director, this project was the first time that he witnessed the two actors deliver a nuanced performance and showcase their range as dramatic thespians.

“They’re easy to work with because aside from being good actors, they’re also very kind and professional and both are super funny,” Soriano said. “We always get a good laugh during shoots.”


For Banzuelo’s part, he was very much involved in the brainstorming and creative process of the music video and was very open in collaborating with Diaz and Fedelin. The singer-songwriter-producer said, “At first, I was okay to do the music video alone with what I had and then we started to get tweets, comments and messages from multiple fans that they wanted to see me collaborate with local actors.”

“Our team reached out to the loveteam, and we were so happy that they were game,” Banzuelo continued. “Working with Seth and Francine was super fun, I’m proud that we were able to capture the vision of song and present it through the long-awaited video.”


“Muli” has been the most streamed original Pinoy music (OPM) song on Spotify and Apple Music for more than a month now. It continues to make an impact on several music charts worldwide, reaching number 1 on Apple Music Viral Hits – Philippines, number 2 on Spotify Top 50 – Philippines and Spotify Viral 50 – Philippines, number 3 on Apple Music Top 100: Philippines and number 6 on Spotify Viral 50 – Global. The song landed on Spotify Viral 50 charts in four other territories namely Singapore, Canada, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.

Via Sony Music Entertainment, “Muli” is out now on all digital music platforms. Here is the music video:

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