Beauty Pageants

Miss Exclusive 2022 results: Daphne Nivelles crowned in Zottegem, Belgium

  • beauty pageant: Miss Exclusive
  • edition: 21st
  • international membership: Miss Earth
  • date: May 7, 2022
  • venue: Sotto’s Zottegem, Zottegem, East Flanders, Belgium
  • candidates: 23



Miss Exclusive 2022
Miss Earth Belgium 2022
Daphne Nivelles
1st runner-up
Miss Exclusive Air
Camie Verheyen
2nd runner-up
Miss Exclusive Water
Sarah Rottiers
3rd runner-up
Miss Exclusive Fire
Thanaree Scheerlinck
4th runner-up
Miss Exclusive Land
Danitsja Schoutteet
Top 13
Axelle Bellaert
Axelle Jamar
Emilie Jennen
Janelle Framery
Lisa Van Hooren
Pauline Noyen
Shana Coudyzer
Valentine Boudry
Alina Samandar
Amber X
Dorien Galloy
Febe Adamczyk
Kiara Nachtegael
Lana Van Nauw
Lore Van den Heuvel
Shannon Maine Juwe
Veronique Marcillo
Yana Verelst

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