Beauty Pageants

Miss Universe Australia 2021 results: Darla Varlamova crowned in Melbourne, Victoria

  • beauty pageant: Miss Universe Australia
  • edition: 17th
  • venue: Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • date: October 19, 2021
  • candidates: 31


Miss Universe Australia 2021Daria Varlamova (Victoria)
1st runner-upMia Brooks (New South Wales)
2nd runner-upJasmine Stringer (Queensland)
3rd runner-upAlly Draper (Western Australia)
4th runner-upTiana Meehan (New South Wales)
Top 12Stephanie Steer (New South Wales)
Vakoo Kauapirura (New South Wales)
Lily Goodare (Queensland)
Stacey Fleming (Victoria)
Anastasia Puia (Western Australia)
Baylee Saltmash (Western Australia)
Tasha Mae Marciano (Western Australia)
UnplacedJulia Newbery (New South Wales)
Sarah Wilson (New South Wales)
Nina Evans (Queensland)
Ella van Seters (Queensland)
Karri Nicholas (Queensland)
Hannah Miller (South Australia)
Cailea Shaw (South Australia)
Sabrina Uhlmann (South Australia)
Caitlin Bahr (South Australia)
Madi Krstevski (Victoria)
Emily Jane Ward (Victoria)
Jess Kernjak (Victoria)
Hawra Khalil (Victoria)
Cody McPhail (Western Australia)
Josephine Volk (Western Australia)
Kya Pedrick (Western Australia)
Rutendo Chifamba (Western Australia)
Tiphany Katselas (Western Australia)

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