John Driskell Hopkins song ‘I’ll Take You Home’ lyrics, video

Vicki Bunke, John Driskell Hopkins
Vicki Bunke, John Driskell Hopkins

Breathe in.
Open your eyes.
Stand up.
Steady your mind.
Fall down
Over and over again and again.

Look up
Into the sky.
Look out
To the horizon.
Now is the time
To leave the world behind.

Think of all the lives you’ve
Saved by making waves.

You prayed for rain
So I brought my umbrella.
Let it fall down around ya
Like it falls from my eyes.
I know your pain
So I’ve come here to tell you
You’re not alone.
I’ll take you home.

I see you.
All the parts that are hard to hide.
Keep search for one to
Confide in, reside in the solace
Of your truth.

Hold on.
It’s okay to be out of touch.
It can easily be too much here.
But have no fear, your journeys
Just begun.

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