Beauty Pageants

Miss Virginia USA 2021 results: Christina Thompson crowned in Richmond

  • beauty pageant: Miss Virginia USA
  • edition: 68th
  • date: July 17, 2021
  • venue: Carpenter Theater, Richmond, Virginia, United States
  • number of candidates: 35



  • Miss Virginia USA 2021: Christina Thompson (Southwest Virginia)
  • 1st runner-up: Alexis Ramsey (Chesapeake)
  • 2nd runner-up: Madeline Elizabeth Delp (North Bay)
  • 3rd runner-up: Hannah Scholl (Scottsville)
  • 4th runner-up: Kailee Horvath (Shenandoah Valley)



  1. Christina Thompson (Southwest Virginia)
  2. Madeline Elizabeth Delp (North Bay)
  3. Alexis Ramsey (Chesapeake)
  4. Hannah Scholl (Scottsville)
  5. Kailee Horvath (Shenandoah Valley)


TOP 16

  1. Kendra Hale (Falls Church)
  2. Christina Thompson (Southwest Virginia)
  3. Kailee Horvath (Shenandoah Valley)
  4. Sophia Ramsel (Fredericksburg)
  5. Cassie A. Baloue (Shirlington)
  6. Swetha Kovvuri (Northern Virginia)
  7. Elizabeth Harris (Star City, Roanoke)
  8. Madeline Elizabeth Delp (North Bay)
  9. Alexis Ramsey (Chesapeake)
  10. Ann Kutyna (Williamsburg)
  11. Katlyn Hicks (Charlottesville)
  12. Macy Ware (Roanoke Valley)
  13. Erin Houston (Vienna)
  14. Hannah Scholl (Scottsville)
  15. Torianna Wilson (Landstown)
  16. Brianna Shaw (Midlothian)



  1. Katie Lathrop (Arlington County)
  2. Kati Roberts (Blacksburg)
  3. Chelsea Saunders (Central Virginia)
  4. Ishwarya Nagulapati (Chantilly)
  5. Katlyn Hicks (Charlottesville)
  6. Alexis Ramsey (Chesapeake)
  7. Tamara Coleman (Chesterfield)
  8. Cecilia Gagliano (Fairfax)
  9. Kendra Hale (Falls Church)
  10. Lekha Ravi (Forest)
  11. Sophia Ramsel (Fredericksburg)
  12. Rebekah Greene (Henrico)
  13. Torianna Wilson (Landstown)
  14. Jakia Hamilton (Lorton)
  15. Claudia Engelhardt (Lynchburg)
  16. Morgan Nicholas (McLean)
  17. Brianna Shaw (Midlothian)
  18. Alexis Keonia Brown (Norfolk)
  19. Madeline Elizabeth Delp (North Bay)
  20. Swetha Kovvuri (Northern Virginia)
  21. Carice Coleman (Old Dominion)
  22. Anna Noelle Dua (Reston)
  23. Macy Ware (Roanoke Valley)
  24. Hannah Scholl (Scottsville)
  25. Kailee Horvath (Shenandoah Valley)
  26. Cassie A. Baloue (Shirlington)
  27. Christina Thompson (Southwest Virginia)
  28. Covyia Winters (Stafford)
  29. Elizabeth Harris (Star City, Roanoke)
  30. Aiyanna Bartley (Tysons)
  31. Jessette Spencer (Unionville)
  32. Erin Houston (Vienna)
  33. Michaela Rose Kenny (Virginia Beach)
  34. Ann Kutyna (Williamsburg)
  35. Katherine Yom Benjamin (Woodbridge)

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