Beauty Pageants

Miss District of Columbia USA 2021 results: Sasha Perea crowned in Richmond, Virginia

  • beauty pageant: Miss District of Columbia USA
  • edition: 66th
  • date: July 17, 2021
  • venue: Carpenter Theatre, Richmond, Virginia, United States
  • number of candidates: 20



  • Miss District of Columbia USA 2021: Sasha Perea (City Center)
  • 1st runner-up: Kennedy Taylor (Navy Yard)
  • 2nd runner-up: Hannah Menzner (West End)
  • 3rd runner-up: Jasmine Marani (Independence)
  • 4th runner-up: Alexis Becton (Nation’s Capital)



  1. Hannah Menzner (West End)
  2. Alexis Becton (Nation’s Capital)
  3. Kennedy Taylor (Navy Yard)
  4. Jasmine Marani (Independence)
  5. Sasha Perea (City Center)


TOP 11

  1. Jade Glab (Georgetown)
  2. Mecole Hayes (Ivy City)
  3. Arabia Woolfolk (Eastern Market)
  4. Kennedy Taylor (Navy Yard)
  5. Alexis Becton (Nation’s Capital)
  6. Sasha Perea (City Center)
  7. Francisca Cromwell (DuPont)
  8. Ambreia Williams (Washington City)
  9. Hannah Menzner (West End)
  10. Alexis Davis (Northwest DC)
  11. Jasmine Marani (Independence)



  1. Breanna Linzer (Air Force)
  2. Jordyn Britton (Capital City)
  3. Jacqueline LaBayne (Capitol Hill)
  4. Sasha Perea (City Center)
  5. Jessica Brinson (Columbia Heights)
  6. Francisca Cromwell (DuPont)
  7. Arabia Woolfolk (Eastern Market)
  8. Emerald Holman (East of the River)
  9. Jade Glab (Georgetown)
  10. Siannah Marcellin (Greater Southeast Area)
  11. Jasmine Marani (Independence)
  12. Mecole Hayes (Ivy City)
  13. Mangala Chava (Marshall Heights)
  14. Alexis Becton (Nation’s Capital)
  15. Kennedy Taylor (Navy Yard)
  16. Chelsie Stevens (Northeast DC)
  17. Alexis Davis (Northwest DC)
  18. Ambreia Williams (Washington City)
  19. Hannah Menzner (West End)
  20. Dayanna Wimbish (White House)

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