Beauty Pageants

Miss Nevada USA 2021 results: Kataluna Enriquez crowned in Las Vegas

  • beauty pageant: Miss Nevada USA
  • edition: 70th
  • venue: South Point Hotel Casino and Spa, Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada, United States
  • date: June 27, 2021
  • number of candidates: 23



  • Miss Nevada USA 2021: Kataluna Patricia Enriquez (Silver State)
  • 1st runner-up: Brittany Butler (Centennial Hills)
  • 2nd runner-up: Emily Irene (Henderson)
  • 3rd runner-up: Luana Tasia Kamalani Panui (Sierra Nevada)
  • 4th runner-up: Lan Do (Las Vegas)



  • Miss Photogenic:
  • Miss Congeniality:


TOP 15

  1. Anabely Trejo (Southwest)
  2. Lan Do (Las Vegas)
  3. Nathalia Martinez (Ambassador)
  4. Luana Panui (Sierra Nevada)
  5. Rica Charleston (South Summerlin)
  6. Kataluna Enriquez (Silver States)
  7. Tyra Rae Florito (Carson City)
  8. Trisha Bantigue (Enterprise)
  9. Nicole Greene (Summerlin)
  10. Brittany Butler (Centennial Hills)
  11. Zoey Shockley (Lovelock)
  12. Rylee Spinks (Reno)
  13. Cierra Evans (Northwest)
  14. Stefanie Joseph (Red Rock)
  15. Emile Irene (Henderson)



  1. Emile Irene (Henderson)
  2. Luana Panui (Sierra Nevada)
  3. Lan Do (Las Vegas)
  4. Kataluna Enriquez (Silver States)
  5. Brittany Butler (Centennial Hills)



  1. Anabely Trejo (Southwest)
  2. Tyra Rae Florito Goldman (Carson City)
  3. Rylee Spinks (Reno)
  4. Lan Do (Las Vegas)
  5. Ciera Evans (Northwest)
  6. Brittany Jordan Butler (Centennial)
  7. Luana Tasia Kamalani Panui (Sierra Nevada)
  8. Alondra Lopez (St. Rose)
  9. Zoey Shockley (Lovelock)
  10. Nicole Greene (Summerlin)
  11. Kataluna Enriquez (Silver State)
  12. Chelsea Bailey (Battle Born)
  13. Trisha Bantigue (Enterprise)
  14. Emily Irene (Henderson)
  15. Angela Arkin (Spring Valley)
  16. Joy Elizabeth Thompson (Downton, Las Vegas)
  17. Kelsey Wrttig (Area 51)
  18. Leslie Roblez (Belleza NB)
  19. Nathalia Martinez (Ambassador)
  20. Neha Patel (Clark County)
  21. Rica Charleston (South Summerlin)
  22. Starla Smith (Paradise)
  23. Stefanie Joseph (Red Rock)

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