Beauty Pageants

Miss Delaware USA 2021 results: Drew Sanclemente crowned in Wilmington

  • beauty pageant: Miss Delaware USA
  • edition: 70th
  • venue: Laird Performing Arts Center, The Tatnall School, Wilmington, Delaware, United States
  • date: June 27, 2021
  • number of candidates: 22



  • Miss Delaware USA 2021: Drew Sanclemente (Odessa)
  • 1st runner-up: Rebecca Gasperetti (Christiana)
  • 2nd runner-up: Jennifer Santiago (North Star)
  • 3rd runner-up: Grace Otley (Greenville)
  • 4th runner-up: Kelly Seibold (Lewes)



  • Miss Photogenic:
  • Miss Congeniality:



  1. Rebecca Gasperetti (Christiana)
  2. Grace Otley (Greenville)
  3. Kelly Seibold (Lewes)
  4. Jennifer Santiago (North Star)
  5. Drew Sanclemente (Odessa)



  1. Noa Mills (Bear)
  2. Eddia Watts (Brandywine)
  3. Rebecca Gasperetti (Christiana)
  4. Maura Deegan (Claymont)
  5. Bethany Wheatley (Delmar)
  6. Mayda Berrios (Dover)
  7. Taylor Johnson (Fenwick Island)
  8. Kai Ward (Georgetown)
  9. Grace Otley (Greenville)
  10. Amber Patrick (Harrington)
  11. Katharine Wiley (Hockessin)
  12. Kelly Seibold (Lewes)
  13. Danielle Barger (Middletown)
  14. Olivia Moncrieffe (New Castle)
  15. Grace Lange (Newark)
  16. Chaela Wills (Newport)
  17. Jennifer Santiago (North Star)
  18. Drew Sanclemente (Odessa)
  19. Emily Jer-Don (Pike Creek)
  20. Kelly Smith (Rehoboth Beach)
  21. Nia Andrews (Townsend)
  22. Autumn Keller (Wilmington)

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