Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2021 to feature artists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand


Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2021 will take place in Japan at select venues in the cities of Okinawa and Naha from January 16-17, 2021. The foreign lineup and its international conference program, the annual Trans Asia Music Meeting (TAMM), will stream online for free.

Music Lane from Okinawa and TAMM are organized and produced by Music from Okinawa, Music Town Oto-Ichiba and Sakurazaka Theater. Japan-based music fans who wish to attend the live shows can purchase tickets from their website

More than 33 Asian music acts will showcase at the festival weekend with local artists performing in front of live audiences at Sakurazaka Theater, Sakurazaka Central and other venues in Naha. Aside from Music Town Oto-Ichiba, 7th Heaven Koza and Remy’s, more venues in Okinawa City will be announced.


All of the venues will implement strict prevention measures against the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The festival will stream pre-recorded live sets from international artists curated by its partner music organizations from seven countries.

Headlining the Japanese lineup is the alternative rock legend Shonen Knife. Other veteran acts are joining such as rock trio Sunny Day Service, jazz band element of the moment, punk rock act eastern youth, Miyuki Hatakeyama of Double Famous, male-and-female duo Port of Notes, funk and D&B trio THE BASSONS and fast-rising shoegaze-dream pop act Seventeen Years Old and Berlin Wall along with selected acts from the open call abukutatta, SOLVALS, Naomitsu Shinohara, ecole and viridian.

A tropical, jazz-oriented city, Okinawa will be represented by Keizou Mikata, TOSH, caino, Home Party People, Funnynoise, AKKANBABYS, Hanako Kimura, Takako Tate, THE SAKASHIMA meeting, KACHIMBA 4, HARAHELLS and ALKDO-Turtle Island Acoustic. More Japanese artists are set to be announced soon.

Through the newly formed Music Lane Festival Okinawa, the TAMM organizers are steadfastly committed to bridging Okinawa and other Asian cities and creating a sustainable music network. The 2021 edition will feature an musically and culturally diverse lineup comprised mostly of indie up-and-comers.

  • INDONESIA: Tanayu, Prince Hussein, Pretty Rico, Bedchamber, Jeslla, Iris Bev (curated by Fungjai Indonesia in partnership with featured artist lightcraft)
  • MALAYSIA: Skits, The Golden Mammoth, Jemson, Court 10, FAZZ, Capt Trips n The Kid, The Filters (curated by CITY ROARS music festival)
  • MONGOLIA: Mohanik, The Colors, Nisvanis, Magnolian (curated by Playtime Festival)
  • PHILIPPINES: syd hartha, She’s Only Sixteen, KRNA (curated by online publication The Rest Is Noise)
  • SINGAPORE: Shye, Woes, YAØ, HubbaBubbas, Shak’thiya, Shirly Temple (curated by music website Bandwagon Asia)
  • SOUTH KOREA: Cotoba, No.1 Korean, The Sound (curated by music showcase and conference festival Zandari Festa)
  • THAILAND: YONLAPA, H3F, My Life As Ali Thomas (curated by Bangkok Music City showcase festival and Warner Music Thailand)

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