UPRISING celebrates 7th anniversary with new releases, website launch


UPRISING has been in the forefront of hip-hop in the Philippines in the last seven years. The independent record label has members located across the country and in North America and dedicated audiences spanning the globe.

Despite the unprecedented challenges brought upon by the 2020 pandemic, UPRISING is not yet done with the year. The label is due to put out a string of highly anticipated releases and a new website for hip-hop fans, new and old.

With already three albums namely UPRISING Full Tank’s “Balasa” EP, Kartel’s “Kontrapunto” LP and Tatz Maven’s “Sige Simula” LP out before November 2020 alone, the prolific label adds four more records to its diverse hip-hop discography to wrap up the year. Teknika Brutal’s “Puro” EP, which is out now, combines the lyrical sharpness and rhyming prowess of emcee duo Apoc and Batas, the dynamic enriched with the addition of beatsmith beast, KMG and scratches by turntablist DJ Arthug to provide an entirely new sound layer to play with and supplement the beats and the verses in this new eight-track EP.


KMG’s “The Oddyssey,” which is due later this month, is his latest instrumental album featuring a new array of crisp, hard-hitting boombap soundscapes. Illustrado’s “Hanggang Kamatayan” double album will be out in December 2020.

Hanggang Kamatayan” is the expansive, 28-track follow-up to the critically acclaimed self-titled album by UPRISING’s resident hardcore rap group, comprised by Apo Lerma, Batas, Sayadd and Goriong Talas. Expect harder material, including solo tracks from each member as the group goes against the grain, continuously surpassing their already phenomenal track record collectively and individually.

Also out in December 2020, Apoc’s “Free Fallin” EP is his sophomore album and first solo English rap project, harkening back to his early days rapping in English as part of hip-hop groups Heavenly Host and Blunt Force, the latter alongside labelmate Batas. Showcasing his lyrical dexterity and command of both languages, Apoc masters the latter further as he incorporates more of his self-taught instrumentation, as opposed to sample selections. Expect funk-infused soundscapes in this latest offering.


As part of UPRISING’s seventh anniversary, the label also launched the beta version of their official website, on November 13, 2020. The website contains UPRISING’s artist roster, full discography, social media updates, latest news and events as well as online orders of music and official UPRISING merch and affiliated brands.

“Expect to see a more streamlined and consolidated portfolio of what we’ve worked hard on for the past years as well as all our upcoming plans,” UPRISING co-founder Alaric “Anygma” Yuson explained. “In this fast-paced and fleeting technological era, it’s most likely pretty easy to overlook all our past or simultaneous releases and content so hopefully people dig that deep on our site.”

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