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PFL to have international qualifiers in the Philippines? Loren Mack shares league’s plans

Ray Sefo, Loren Mack (©PFL)

Ray Sefo, Loren Mack (©PFL)

The Professional Fighters League has revealed that among its plans for the future is rapid global expansion. Founded by Ray Sefo in 2017, the mixed martial arts organization based in Washington, D.C., United States has recently started laying down the groundwork for their efforts.

Earlier this year, the PFL, which is already being broadcast to over 160 countries, secured deals with the biggest broadcasters in India and Russia, two of the biggest markets in the MMA world. The league is now looking at bringing its product to the Philippines as part of its global expansion efforts.

“The Philippines is a goldmine for MMA talent,” newly hired PFL vice president Loren Mack stated. “I’ve gotten the pleasure of seeing some of these Filipino fighters first hand and I have no doubts that we can find and bring in a future Filipino PFL champion. Bringing the PFL to the Philippines is one thing but having the Philippines root for and follow one of their own in the PFL ranks is a whole different conversation and we’re looking to be able to do both.”


Earlier this year, the PFL rolled out International Qualifiers in Brazil and Russia. According to Mack, the same can be done in the Philippines in the future.


“We put out the International Qualifier Series in a couple of countries and I believe that’s something that we can do in the Philippines, as well,” Mack said. “Not only do we get to see and scout the talent but it will also help elevate the sport even more there, as well.”


“PFL president Ray Sefo and I have also discussed possibly going over there and holding open workouts just to get a feel for the level of talent there,” Mack continued. “Ray’s very excited because he knows just how good MMA is in the Philippines.”


The Philippines will be one of the PFL’s prime targets in the future. This is indeed exciting news for Filipino MMA fans.


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