Mixed Martial Arts

Pakistan’s Zia Mashwani from Kabadi to BRAVE CF

Zia Mashwani (©BRAVE Combat Federation)

Zia Mashwani (©BRAVE Combat Federation)

Currently signed with BRAVE Combat Federation, mixed martial artist Zia “The Mashwani Warrior” Mashwani, 24, has been representing Pakistan on the international stage. He has been competing professionally since 2018.

The greatest shock in Mashwani’s life was when he moved from his village to a city. It was a tremulous phase in his life as he adjusted his lifestyle to meet the demands of the city and he did all of it for one reason, his love for the sport of MMA.

Fast forward to a few years later and Mashwani will be representing Pakistan in BRAVE CF. He will take on Nkosi “King” Ndebele, 25, of South Africa at a catch weight of 72kg at “BRAVE CF 45” on November 19, 2020 at the Bahrain National Stadium in East Riffa, Bahrain.

From a small village to a big city

Moving from the village to the city was like moving to a different planet in Mashwani’s view. He said, “I was used to being close to my family and friends, leaving all of them was hard.”

“The city life was completely different from what I was used to,” Mashwani continued. “The clothes they wore were different. There were many cultural differences. Coupled with all of this was being on very limited means in terms of money so I had to face many difficulties.”

Despite feeling the adversities of a new life, Mashwani was more determined than ever to make it as an MMA fighter. Such was his passion and his love for martial arts, especially wrestling has a deeper story.


From Kabadi to MMA

Mashwani was inspired by his late grandfather who was a gifted wrestler and a well known Kabadi player in his village. He shared, “My grandfather taught me Kabadi which is a sport that needs wrestling skills.”

“It is a very physical sport that requires wrestling skills,” Mashwani continued. “Playing Kabadi and training with my grandfather and uncles made me very interested in not only the sport but also in wrestling.”

After becoming a star Kabadi player in his village, Mashwani turned his attention towards wrestling and MMA. Now fighting out of Team Fight Fortress Islamabad, Pakistan, a top gym in the country, he remains a highly touted Pakistani prospect.

“After a while I knew I needed to leave my village to pursue my dream of becoming the best MMA fighter that I can be,” Mashwani recalled. “My goal is to make my village and my country proud by becoming the BRAVE CF champion.”

Currently, Mashwani holds a  professional MMA record of 3 wins and 2 losses. He is the only fighter representing Pakistan at “BRAVE CF 45.”

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