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Ian Entwistle: Dumar Roa fights very good generic MMA style

Ian “Enty” Entwistle, 33, of Accrington, England, United Kingdom is set to return from more than four years away with a main event spot at “BRAVE CF 45,” which marks his BRAVE Combat Federation debut. He will take on Dumar “Corazon de Leon” Roa, 30, of Guateque, Boyaca, Colombia on short notice and hopes to make the most of this opportunity handed to him, after Gabriel ‘’Fly’’ Miranda, 30, of Telemaco Borba, Parana, Brazil was forced to pull out.

For Entwistle, the path to victory at “BRAVE CF 45” lies in his unique fighting style that he is sure will take Roa by surprise. The two will clash in a main event catchweight bout of 75kg.


Entwistle won all nine of his bouts via first round finishes. He said he will be a handful for Dumar and claimed he has a fighting style that is unlike anyone else’s, which he credits as the reason why he has so many first round finishes.

“From what I have watched of Dumar, he is a very good fighter,” Entwistle said of his “BRAVE CF 45” opponent. “It seems he is the best from Colombia. We’ll see when we get in there.”

“I am not thinking too much about Dumar,” Entwistle continued. “He fights a very good generic MMA style which I am used to facing. He has to think about me because I don’t fight like anyone else. Therefore, he has to think about what I am doing but I am used to fighting guys who fight like him day in day out.”

“BRAVE 45” was originally scheduled for November 12, 2020. As the Kingdom of Bahrain mourned the loss of its prime minister, His Royal Highness Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, BRAVE CF joined in the respects paid to the great leader and postponed the event to November 19, 2020 at the Bahrain National Stadium in East Riffa, Bahrain.

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