Alex Bruce’s ‘Yakap’ released via Sony Music Philippines

Alex Bruce

Alex Bruce

With barely two months left for 2020, Alex Bruce, 13, is not showing any signs of slowing down with the release of “Yakap,” an endearing love song in hip-hop/R&B form. The song is now available on all digital platforms worldwide via Sony Music Philippines.

Intricately laced with dreamy atmospherics and infectious beats, “Yakap” finds Bruce dealing with her first-hand experience on puppy love and infatuation. Her latest single plays out like a simp-worthy jam, thematically appropriate for her age but charismatic enough to sweep listeners off their feet.

“Yakap is all about my crush,” Bruce said. “Well, if you guys didn’t know, I’m 13 turning 14 this Christmas, and like a normal teenager, I started to experience weird things like puppy love. So for me to express my feelings, I wrote a song about this person.”


The song was a three-way collaboration with Bruce, her dad, who is currently in Australia, and music producer Cursebox. The songwriting, recording and production were done in a span of two weeks with the involved heads brainstorming and working together though Zoom meetings to discuss matters related to the new track.

“Sometimes, it’s hard because I have online class and it’s still very different from homeschooling that I’m used to,” Bruce shared. “I’m still adapting to this kind of set up, all of us are.”

“Yakap” truly has the makings of another game-changing hit. It is another testament to Bruce’s incredibly compelling talent as a rapper, singer and lyricist, a triple threat that will surely go to places in the many years to come.

It has been a very challenging year for the music industry in general but not for Bruce, who continues to enjoy commercial and critical plaudits, thanks to her slickly produced, empowering anthems. Her Wish 107.5 Bus performances of “Mind As A Weapon” and “Pull It Off” have garnered more than a million hits respectively and the latter earned the young prodigy a record for the youngest female artist to have scored a top 3 on Wave 89.1’s weekly chart.

To top it off, the 13-year-old rapper/songwriter has recently teamed up with global hitmaker August Rigo for the trap banger “Go Crazy.” The latter has songwriting and production credits that include “Black Swan” of BTS and Justin Bieber’s multi-platinum album “My World 2.0.”

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