JP Marzan’s 5 tips on how to do rigging operations safely, efficiently

JP Marzan Project Ventures Inc.

Since the resumption of infrastructure projects in the Philippines during the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the construction sector began to recover slowly. However, builders are urged to adhere to the safety regulations set by the Construction Guidelines for Project Implementation during the Period of Public Health Emergency amid the current global health crisis including wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE), social distancing, proper sanitation and medical clearance from safety officers.

Aside from these measures, construction companies should also ensure safe rigging since it guarantees that construction equipment works efficiently. For JP Marzan Project Ventures Inc., one of the leading logistics providers in the country, safety comes above all else, especially when construction workers are rigging heavy equipment.

To further ensure safety in construction projects, the Department of Labor and Employment-Occupational Safety and Health Center (DOLE-OSHC) mandated the Code of Practice for Tower Crane Safety, which provides guidelines to determine qualified personnel, competent materials, and appropriate procedures for rigging equipment. Guided by these best practices and with its decades of experience, JP Marzan lists five important tips on safely and efficiently doing rigging operations:

1. Only work with qualified personnel.

Every worker at the site should be aware and trained about rigging safety and they should know about the procedures and knowledgeable about the equipment they will handle. Professionals should anticipate rigging problems before it can happen to prevent any accidents from happening.

2. Inspect and document.

Before any lifting project, workers must the equipment handling the materials to make sure it is safe. Only use machinery working in top condition.

If a machine has any technical problems, even minor issues that may cause malfunction, it should not be ignored. It must be taken out of commission and stored for maintenance.

3. Know your rigging equipment.

Every rigger should know how much weight their machine can lift, which they can find on the manufacturer’s load charts in the operator’s manual, and be aware of the boom length and load radius as well. Its slings must also be durable and have the ability to lift heavy objects.

4. Observe proper load management.

The upper suspension and load hook must stay in a straight line when handling the materials. Ensure that neither the chain nor the hoist body comes in contact with the load to help it stay balanced and know how far loads can swing. An imbalance load can potentially trip the equipment and endanger workers.

5. Designate spotters when lifting.

Whenever the rigger does not have a full view, a spotter should be designated to direct the loads to ensure proper clearance. Always be conscious of where people are on the worksite concerning the load as they can help make sure the landing area is clear before slowly lowering a load.


Following these tips will help ensure efficiency and safety when operating rigging equipment. Another way to create excellent rigging operations is finding reliable partners that will help provide expert advice and services with not only rigging but also the construction project as a whole.

JP Marzan shows itself as the perfect partner to meet the globalized market’s challenges and help the country’s economy grow. It provides rigging expertise and equipment rental services that will help the project’s progress.

For JP Marzan, partnerships will help build the nation into a brighter future. To know more about the company, visit its website at

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