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‘Chika, BESH!’ host Ria Atayde talks TV5, ABS-CBN, GMA Network rivalry

Chika, BESH!” is a talk show that premiered on TV5 in August 2020. It is hosted by Rika Atayde and Pokwang, who previously worked with ABS-CBN, along with Pauleen Luna-Sotto, who is a GMA Network artist.

“It’s exciting to know that a lot of us will be here now regardless of network ’cause also at this point, parang (like) at a time of a pandemic, network wars should not be a concern at the moment,” Atayde said. “Everybody is just trying to live. Everybody is just trying to get by and I’m grateful that everybody was given this chance that we have now.”


The news of the partnership of TV5 with block timers comes months after Cignal TV and TV5 chairman Manny V. Pangilinan declared an open invitation. In August 2020, he said, “We are revving up our entertainment content creation and will need creatives, talents, directors, scriptwriters, cameramen, etc.”

Pangilinan said Cignal TV and TV5 are offering alternative jobs for displaced workers in the entertainment industry. This is a clear display that the priorities of the network is to give a helping hand and keep people afloat amidst the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Together with Cignal TV and TV5, Archangel Media has launched its slew of programs. Brightlight Productions is also one of the most recent block time partners of the network.

Archangel Media is proud to be pushing forth in what we hope is a new age in Philippine television. Unity and collaboration take precedence over competition.

The focus will continue to be on the audience who lend their eyes and ears to the stories told. As before and always, content is king.

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