JP Marzan Project Ventures’ 4 tips on how to safely deliver project cargo to construction site

JP Marzan Project Ventures Inc.

JP Marzan Project Ventures Inc. is one of the leading logistics providers in the Philippines. Its chairman Jay Marzan believes the resumption will help the country improve its overall growth but mobility remains limited in the country so any delays to the transportation of a project’s equipment will be critical to its completion.

The safe delivery of these critical equipment will help projects finish without any delays. Marzan came up with a list of necessary things needed to safely and securely deliver a project cargo to the construction site.

Have proper equipment.

Project cargo mostly consists of heavy machinery used for digging, lifting or demolishing certain materials. To avoid any accidents, provide high-quality tools like flatbeds, straps and skids to safely reach its destination.

Train the employees.

If a cargo gets damaged, it might cost thousands to cover it. It will also mean major setbacks for the project.

Personnel handling the cargo must know what it is and how it works to deliver it safely and securely. Training personnel to have a layered approach through proper planning, handling, monitoring, and security will ensure the safe delivery of the cargo to its destination.


Plan the route.

Projects usually take place either in metropolitan areas or go through it. It is difficult to transport because of the heavy traffic and limited mobility.

Properly planned routes will transport the cargo faster and more efficiently to its destination. Use various route planning and risk analysis tools to provide maximum security, boost efficiency and facilitate tracking that will determine the shortest and safest route for the cargo.

Build relationships.

Building trust with people among your operations, especially with people handling the project’s logistics, will create strong partnerships among themselves and help familiarize each other with how their operations work.

The right partner will make sure to have the best equipment, skillfully trained people and plans for the safe delivery of your project cargo. If the best and most trusted people oversee critical tasks, the project will have the highest quality output.

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