ASEAN Music Showcase Festival 2020 to feature artists from Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia

ASEAN Music Showcase Festival

ASEAN Music Showcase Festival is set to launch its inaugural edition online. The goal is to create a platform that elevates Southeast Asia’s music scene onto the world stage.

AMS was founded by concert and festival promoters, conference organizers and music community influencers from the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Now, it takes on the challenge of providing networking opportunities for emerging musicians in Asia and global music industry leaders while hurdling the unprecedented challenges of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic through a virtual music gathering that celebrates the region’s finest.

On its debut year, the collaborative showcase festival presents a diverse lineup handpicked by its founding members namely The Rest Is Noise PH of the Philippines, SGMUSO of Singapore, Bangkok Music City co-founded by Fungjai Co., Ltd and NYLON Thailand of  Thailand, City ROARS! Festival of Malaysia ans SRM of Indonesia. The lineup includes 20 artists from participating countries:

  • Philippines: Pikoy, Cheats, Uprising Records Artists, and August Wahh
  • Singapore: Linying, Marian Carmel, Coming Up Roses, and J.M3
  • Thailand: TONTRAKUL, Valentina Ploy, STOIC, and H 3 F
  • Malaysia: Bayangan, Buddha Beat, Golden Mammoth, and mutesite
  • Indonesia: Tanayu, bangkutaman, Rangkai, and Oslo Ibrahim

ASEAN Music Showcase Festival will be hitting the digital stage from September 19-20, 2020. It will be streamed live for the world to discover.

Aside from the virtual music showcase featuring artists from various music genres, AMS will be hosting a private virtual meet with some of the biggest and most promising music business professionals in the world as well as up-and-coming and established artists in Asia. For more details about ASEAN Music Showcase Festival, visit the official website here.

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