Rico Blanco releases ‘Happy Feelin’ via Sony Music Philippines

Rico Blanco

Rico Blanco

Rico Blanco, 47, of the Philippines spreads love and positivity amidst difficult times on his new single titled “Happy Feelin.” The alternative rock icon’s song was released via Sony Music Philippines on August 25, 2020.

Out on all digital platforms worldwide, “Happy Feelin” is Blanco’s second release in 2020 under Sony Music Philippines. The award-winning Filipino producer and singer-songwriter delivers a bright, upbeat number that soars with an inescapable chorus and a rockabilly vibe.


For someone who has spent a career pushing pop music to exciting new places, Blanco succeeds in releasing a diverse selection of tunes that blends crossover appeal with an adventurous edge. Count “Happy Feelin” as the latest addition to his winning streak, a finger-snapping, retro-leaning bop that finds the Filipino artist dialing down his sonic ambition for something that resembles a big ball of sunshine.

“Happy Feelin” is the second song written and produced by Blanco in his home studio during the lockdown period amid the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It is the follow-up single to “This Too Shall Pass,” which was released on the first week of May 2020.

Given the unprecedented uncertainty and challenges that COVID-19 poses, the “This Too Shall Pass” music video doubles as a tribute to the unsung heroes and frontliners leading the fight against an invisible enemy, showing us the true meaning of bayanihan in times of crisis. Stream his song titled “Happy Feelin” here.

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