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Watch ‘Pancrase 317’ live on YouTube and win awards!

Pancrase MMA

Legendary mixed martial arts organization Pancrase will broadcast “Pancrase 317” live on YouTube from Shin Kiba Studio Coast in Tokyo, Japan on August 23, 2020. Viewers will have a unique opportunity to participate live during the event via YouTube Super Chat.

Featuring 12 MMA bouts, “Pancrase 317” will be headlined by Taichi Nakajima (中島太一), 31, of Nishitokyo, Tokyo and Yoshinori Horie (堀江圭功), 25, of Nagasaki, Japan. It will be a featherweight championship contender match in three five-minute rounds.

Only Japanese commentary is available for the “Pancrase 317” broadcast on YouTube. Viewers can interact in the following two ways:

1. Call My Name!
Viewers making Call My Name comments on Super Chat with a 5,000 yen or more donation will have their names called by the ring announcer plus get listed on the Pancrase official website as supporters. However, intentionally inappropriate names may not be read aloud and difficult to read names may not be read as expected.

2. Super Chat Encouragement Award
Viewers can gift their favorite fighters by naming and nominating them with an Encouragement Award in Super Chat. Following the show, totals will be calculated and both fighters in the top 3 most supported matches will receive a Super Chat Encouragement Award payment.

Viewing will be available on the Pancrase official YouTube channel. Watch “Pancrase 317” here:

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