Holcim Philippines’ waste management unit Geocycle gets ISO certifications anew

Frederic Vallat, Anthony Pacaña, Bella Ugmad, Emmanuel Pagalan

Frederic Vallat, Anthony Pacaña, Bella Ugmad, Emmanuel Pagalan

Building materials provider Holcim Philippines’ waste management unit Geocycle was recently recertified for following high standards for environment, safety and quality in its operations. The unit is growing its operations in support of the company’s efforts to improve its environmental and business performance.

Geocycle was recently recertifed for following high standards in quality, environment and safety management systems in its operations. The unit’s team received certificates for ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environment Management System) and OHSAS 18001 (Safety) from third-party certification body Certification International Philippines on July 27, 2020.

The audits for the certification were conducted prior to the quarantines while the documents showing the corrections and corrective actions were shared virtually. The ISO certificates are valid for three years with annual surveillance audits in between.

ISO certified since December 2010, Geocycle uses cement kiln co-processing technology, wherein properly qualified wastes, after pre-processing, are used as alternative fuel and raw material in cement production. Holcim Philippines’ vice president for Geocycle Frederic Vallat said the recertification is important as the unit further grows and offers its services to more partners in the public and private sectors.

“Our co-processing operations are a key driver of our business and environmental performance as well as part of our commitment to make a positive difference in other areas of the country’s development,” Vallat said. “These ISO certifications are strong proof that our operations follow the highest standards for safety and environmental responsibility and demonstrate to our growing number of partners our reliability in managing their waste management requirements.”

In 2019, Holcim Philippines used more than 170,000 tons of waste materials from industries and communities including tens of thousand tons of non-recyclable plastics as alternative fuels and raw materials with its co-processing technology. This allowed the company to avoid coal in cement production for 38 days leading to lower carbon emissions and fuel costs while helping its partners manage their wastes in an eco-friendly manner.

In the same year, Holcim Philippines, Inc. signed a partnership with Barangay Poblacion of Iligan City, Philippines. The signing ceremony was attended by Vallat, Barangay Poblacion chairman Anthony Pacaña, Lugait Municipal Agriculture Office head Rosabella Ugmad, municipal administrator Emmanuel Pagalan and Holcim Lugait plant manager Bobby Garza.

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