Abdoul Abdouraguimov shares prediction for ‘Brave 27’ rematch with Jarrah Al-Selawe in Abu Dhabi, UAE

'Brave 27' poster

Reigning Brave Combat Federation Welterweight World Champion Abdoul “The Conqueror” Abdouraguimov, 23, of France is a man on a mission. The French-Russian Grappling phenom has promised to erase any doubts remaining with regards to him being a superior fighter to his first challenger  Jarrah “The Jordanian Lion” Al-Selawe, 26, of Jordan.

Abdouraguimov and Al-Selawe will have their rematch at “Brave 27” at the Mubadala Arena in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on October 4, 2019. It will be the main event of the evening.

On April 19, 2019, Abdouraguimov challenged the reigning Brave CF Welterweight World Champion Jarrah “The Jordanian Lion” Al-Selawe, 26, of Jordan “Brave 23” at the Martyr Rashid Al-Ziyoud Hall Boxing Arena in Amman, Jordan. Their bout was an instant classic, with the French-Russian challenger dominating early on before being on the brink of a stoppage defeat in the later rounds.

After five five-minute rounds, the title bout was left in the hands of the judges. In the end, the judges felt Abdouraguimov had done enough in the first frames to become the Brave CF Welterweight World Champion.

The decision did not go down well with the Jordanian fans and with Al-Selawe, who has campaigned for another go at the new champ during the last few months.  Abdouraguimov has granted an immediate rematch to the former champion and guaranteed the fight will end quickly.

“My wishes for the rematch are basically to erase any doubt and silence everyone who thinks I don’t deserve this belt,” Abdouraguimov stated. “This fight will end quickly. Fans will see this fight as a killer. The last fight I took it too lightly.”

The French-Russian powerhouse is still undefeated as a professional and has enjoyed three victories in Brave CF. Known for his grappling credentials, he has won several titles at national and continental level in the jiu-jitsu circuit and is excited to showcase his moves in Abu Dhabi, a historic city for Brazilian jiu-jitsu and combat sports in general.

“I thought it would be easy and it was but not as much as I thought,” the undefeated French-Russian mixed martial artist said. “So for this one, everyone will see me hungrier than ever for victory.”

Watch the teaser trailer for “Brave 27” here:

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