IMMAF president Kerrith Brown looks forward to more successful athletes like Reo Yamaguchi

Reo Yamaguchi

Reo Yamaguchi

To consolidate the development of amateur mixed martial arts as a sport in Japan, the Japanese Mixed Martial Arts Federation has announced ambitious will take it to the next level operationally. It plans to introduce training for referees and officials and host of its first All-Japan National Amateur MMA championships on September 2, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan.

IMMAF president Kerrith Brown is excited about the plans. He is looking forward to seeing more successful Japanese athletes like International Mixed Martial Arts Federation World and European Junior Silver medallist Reo Yamaguchi, 19, on the IMMAF-World Mixed Martial Arts Association platform.

Yamaguchi was born in Japan on December 5, 1999. He made his amateur MMA debut in 2016 at “Ageo Cage Fight 4″ in Saitama, Japan where he knocked out his fellow Japanese fighter Susumu Inoue.

At the 2019 IMMMA-WMMAA European Senior and Junior Open Championships in Rome, Italy, Yamaguchi has one loss and two wins. He has yet to make his professional MMA debut.

“This is an exciting development from our Japanese MMA Federation and we look forward to watching MMA reach new heights in Japan, one of the founding countries of the contemporary sport,” Brown stated. “We expect the All Japan Amateur MMA Championships to be the first of many and look forward to seeing more Japanese talent follow the successes of IMMAF World and European Junior Silver medallist, Reo Yamaguchi, on the IMMAF-WMMAA platform.”

As the global governing body for MMA working for the development, recognition and regulation of the sport, the IMMAF- WMMAA has a seven-year track record of organising international amateur MMA Championships and developing the sport globally. It currently has 110 member federations with National Olympic Committee recognition in around 50 countries.

The IMMAF-WMMAA has a democratically elected board, audited accounts, General Assemblies, a robust anti-doping programme and a qualifying number of recognized members. Its governance is subject to independent audit by the Sport Integrity Global Alliance.

With Olympian leaders coming from judo, IMMAF- WMMAA fully respects Olympic values. Meanwhile, here is a clip featuring Yamaguchi:

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