Brandon Ng is Singapore’s first ever WBC Muay Thai Welterweight National Champions at ‘SFC 7: Eight Limbs’

Brandon Ng  (©Singapore Fighting Championship)

Brandon Ng (©Singapore Fighting Championship)

Singapore Fighting Championship made history on its seventh installment at Juggernaut Fight Club in Singapore on June 29, 2019. Featuring 13 intense bouts of mixed martial arts, boxing and Muay Thai, “SFC 7: Eight Limbs” culminated in the crowning of the country’s first-ever national Muay Thai champions.

Independent fighter Brandon Ng, 25, became Singapore’s first professional World Boxing Council Muay Thai Welterweight Champion. He won via unanimous decision over Andre Seah, 27, of Vanda Fit Gym in a no-holds-barred showdown.

A fighter who turned professional on a 16-1 amateur record, Seah started strong but his opponent drew on his 50-plus fight experience to level the round. Alert to the challenge that stood with eight limbs before him, Ng edged the second with a hard-earned clinch toss and a hard kick to the body.

In the third round, Ng toppled Seah again using his opponent’s momentum of wild swings against him. The Vanda Vanda Fit Gym athlete came back strong in the next round and Ng barely evaded a head kick.

Seah also very nearly caught Ng with a spinning elbow. In the fifth round, the former was buoyed by his latest efforts as he continued firing but it proved too little, too late as Ng became the country’s first WBC Muay Thai national champion on a unanimous decision.

“It was a good fight,” Ng said. “I am extremely happy that I won this fight. It was a very important fight because it is in Singapore.”

“I rarely get to fight in Singapore,” the newly crowned WBC Muay Thai Welterweight Champion said. “So I wanted to make the most out of this opportunity to showcase my skills and what I can do in the ring.”

In the other professional fights, Orwa Issa of Syria kept focus on the target his opponent’s nifty footwork to win his first professional fight. Amanda Chan of Juggernaut Fight Club claimed a hard-fought unanimous win in the fourth professional bout.

Rey Caitom Jr., 33, of the Philippines extended his 8-0-1 unbeaten run with a boxing masterclass wearing down his opponent to create openings for the knock out. Meanwhile, watch all the “SFC 7: Eight Limbs” bouts here:

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